• This class makes you think about and acknowledge what you may choose to ignore or deny."

  • "Great! We all needed this. Thanks. Sharon Excellent"

  • "Keep pushing the point that most people aren't inherently racist or evil today. They're re acting human, but with awareness, they will do better."

  • "It was valuable for me personally and professionally."

  • "You can apply this in every aspect of your life."

  • "Great to share this information with us. A big step toward progress."

  • "Gave a structure to what seemed amorphous before."

  • "I liked the way the meeting was concluded which was drafting of key messages and how it would be communicated."

  • "Yes. I think you heard our concerns and evaluated our needs very well!"

  • "The meeting was very effective……did an excellent job of keeping us on track."

  • "I'm….looking forward to redirecting (our) energy."