Strategic People Planning

Our success lies in synchronizing strategic people plans with our clients' business plans and calendar. Knowing the vision, gaps and capacity to deliver always improves the success rate.

Key Elements of Our Strategic Planning Philosophy:

  • There is no "one size fits all" planning model
  • Our goal is to enhance, not replace existing plans and models
  • We meet our clients where they are in their journey and constructively guide forward

Some Fundamentals of the Planning Process:

  • Business Case
  • Create a Vision
  • Take Action
  • Measure and Report Results

"Our ultimate goal here is to expand the organizational vision,
refine or build necessary competencies,
and enhance implementation to stay in front of growing people issues."
- Sharon E. Davis

Client Quote

"I find Sharon E. Davis to have a high level of professionalism and a real commitment to results. Additionally, her business management capability helped create a learning environment for my staff and a strategy that has been enhanced."
- Haven Cockerham, Senior Vice President, RR Donnelley & Sons Company