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"Racial Healing: A Safe Place to Talk about Race"®

We're launching a brand new radio show with VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network! LIVE!

Racial Healing happens everyday. Experts and notables share some of their secrets. It's where REAL PEOPLE help each other without shame or blame. We all deserve a life, workplace, and community free of racism. You can call in too! Sample shows include:

  • New Orleans Mayor Talks Racial Healing
  • Being Asian: The Reality, Triumph and Challenge
  • Think You Know a Lot about Arab-Americans? Really?
  • When People of Color Turn to Self Hate
  • Can Sexual Orientation and Racial Healing Co-exist?
  • I'm Afro AND Latino, Must I Choose One?

You can also go to, and Join the Millions who want to engage in racial healing journey.

Your Host,

Sharon Davis