Letter From the President

Sharon Davis

It's not only what we do in business and life, but how we get things done. The roots of SeDA Consulting started over 15 year ago based on referrals. In essence, we believe in merging business and personal values to build trusted and noble leaders and teams. The days are long gone when a person, in any position, can be a highly effective asset to the enterprise with two sets of values.

It is inevitable that a contemporary organization will reach passages that challenge the leadership of a diverse workplace and society. Most of the laws about a diverse culture/ society have been written. However, the undercurrent continues. Laws and procedures cannot address these matters. We feel most people have the necessary IQ to do well on their jobs. We provide capacity building in Emotional Quotient(EQ), and more. We present rational, reasonable approaches and alternatives that fit your business settings.

We believe that most people can rise to the new heights the workplace demands, when given tools, opportunity, and feedback for personal and professional growth. Our proven award winning consultants come from a wide variety of cultures and educational disciplines. We're experienced implementers.

Feel free to contact us to explore how we can assist your organization.

Sharon Davis

"Our ultimate goal is to equip leaders and professionals with the necessary skills to effectively lead, manage, work as a united team, and be respected by all the diverse customers and citizens they serve."

Sharon has over 25 years' experience in Information Technology. She is a founding member of the first Institute for Healing of Racism in 1987. She has conducted International Dialogue Racism sessions in Mmabato, South Africa, and facilitated a Public Seminar on Cultural and Tribal Unity in Gabaronne, Botswana, and conflict resolution in China. She was interviewed by McNeil/Lehrer Newshour for the "Healing Racism in America" segment. Sharon served as an International Institute and U.S Immigration Services speaker and MC at Swearing-in Ceremonies for new Americans, Regular TV panelist on "Interfaith Odyssey", Advisor and former Executive Director at the National Resource Center for Racial Healing which included being a Project Advisor - Diversity for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Saturn Titan Mission.